How To Find Your Way

Finding your way can be difficult, because more often than not, it plays into learning how to be happy. In order to learn to be happy, you have to be content with who you are. This is how you find your way in life. But how about finding ways to solve a general problem?

This answer can be difficult sometimes, because it requires you to think critically about how to solve the problem, and the harder the problem, the more work it takes to find a solution.

When you are working to solve a problem, what do you do? It's common to come up with all the possible solutions, including ones where you think "outside the box". The goal in doing this is to come up with an idea that fulfills one or two purposes. The first purpose is always "to fit the criteria of a valid solution". If a second purpose exists, it would be "to require the least amount of effort to implement". In other words, we come up with a bunch of ideas, so that we can do the easiest thing that solves the problem.

When you look at life from very far away, you can see that it's one problem after another, waiting to be solved. Many of us have goals in life, but we don't know how to work towards them, because there appears to be so much distance between us and our goals. The easy way to overcome this issue is to break the large goal into smaller goals that we can work towards, like stepping stones.

The same idea can be applied to large problems. Break them down into smaller problems, and find the solution for them. Think outside the box. Use whatever problem solving tools you have in your arsenal. Be creative.

Aside from this, you can also consult experts. Talk to people who have experience with the problem. Find out what they would do, and stick to that plan, if they are credible. You may also choose to do online research about your topic, to find out as much information as you can. The internet is your friend in this aspect, because it contains as much information as you need to become an expert yourself. If necessary, you can determine what books and reading material are necessary to become proficient in this area of study (ex. books on organization, negotiation, or communication). This can be necessary if you need extensive knowledge to further handle the subject, and it can serve to adequately prepare you for other similar situations.

When you are addressing a complex problem, it is important to brainstorm on paper. Many people underestimate the power of paper; not only can it can help you drastically expand on your ideas, but it can help you recall them at a moment's notice. This is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to develop a master plan to solve any problem.

Above all, make sure that you check your plan for errors. Consult with credible, trustworthy people, and make sure your plan is low risk and that all variables are properly accounted for. If a mistake is made, you want to make sure that it does not cause a catastrophe.

These are the starting points to solve any problem that you have. A solution is always within reach, and all it takes is creativity to determine a plan of action. Just like creative ideas, the best solutions come suddenly and without explanation. Make sure to take advantage of your creative power.